Firefox on the way out?

Keep on burning.

I was strolling along the web today when I stumbled onto this article from Business Insider. I’ve been hearing for a while now that Google Chrome’s share of the browser market had been going up, while Firefox had been falling. Now it sounds like there’s been an interesting shift in the browser wars.

The little Google search window you see at the top right corner of your Firefox browser is a paid product placement: For the past several years, Google has paid Mozilla something on the order of $1 per copy to have that window there. Last year, that Google search window accounted for 84% of Mozilla’s $123 million of revenue, or about $100 million.

The Google-Mozilla search deal ended in November. There has been no update about whether it has been renegotiated.

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This gives me a bit of a sad.

Now, I have to say though, I am using Google Chrome these days. I was a devout Firefox user a few years back, but switched when I was noticing how much system resources Firefox was taking up, and how much lighter Chrome seemed to be.

Still, I always liked Firefox a hell of a lot better than Internet Explorer!

Now it’s starting to look like Firefox may actually go the way of the dodo. I doubt it’ll disappear entirely, but something’s gonna give, that much seems certain.

Farewell, you cuddly looking fox of fire.

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