Geek Toy of the Week – Galaxy Nexus / Ice Cream Sandwich

A twofer this time! Samsung and Google finally officially unveiled their Galaxy Nexus handset, which also means they’ve unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0!

This thing looks gorgeous! 4.65 inch, 1280 x 720 screen, 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 7.2mm thin. I am drooling, just drooling.

Mmmm… Ice Cream…

ICS looks like quite a large improvement over Gingerbread. I’m actually watching a video on TechCrunch as I’m typing this so I’m getting everything fresh in my mind. I like the styling, very clean and very much my type of design style that I like.

Adjustable size widgets, oh man I’m happy about that. How many times have I played the jigsaw puzzle game of getting my widgets adjusted just right, oh nope can’t use that one here, it’s 3 wide, only room for 2, and so on. None of that now.

The speech recognition looks like it will be much nicer, obviously not perfect for sure, but I think it’s getting better.

Everything looks like it’s moving very smoothly throughout this video, I don’t know how much of this is the hardware and how much is due to Android itself, but it looks very responsive and quick, always a plus.

Ok, that camera, is freaking awesome. The shutter lag looks to be very small. I like that a lot. Seriously, how often has the shutter lag on a camera phone screwed you over? 8 MP doesn’t mean squat when you can’t take the photo in time. The rest of the stuff, filters, panoramic photos, all that stuff can be done in other ways, but it’s nice to have it built in.

The facial recognition unlock looks pretty cool, but why would i use this? It looks like it takes a couple seconds, and I could just swipe my finger on the screen and unlock way faster than this. But hey maybe they’ll quicken it up a bit.

Also, would it work if I just held up a 2d picture to the camera? Damn I want to play with this stuff now!

Om nom nom nom!

Android now records how much data you’re using, and what apps are using that data. I love this. I have unlimited data on my plan right now, but a lot of people don’t, and being able to see in a pretty graph where your data is going, how much you’re using, and even limit your data usage is awesome. Plus I like pretty graphs.

Google’s really going after this NFC thing. I think that whole thing with Google Wallet sounds pretty cool, but of course I haven’t played with it at all. Sure would like to though!

Final Musings

In the end, I want one! I don’t know what else to say, I just want it!

I also have a craving for some ice cream.

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