Welcome to the new AwkwardGeeks.com!

Welcome to the new AwkwardGeeks.com!

As you can see, we’ve launched the new site! I’ve spent quite a bit of time developing this new site, and now’s the time to see how it does. The main feature I was going for making this site was a new front page that puts our featured content right in front of you.

I do have to admit, I am launching this while it’s still somewhat incomplete. I’m still working on getting the comments system working, and there’s a few other odds and ends that need to be adjusted here and there. But we were both just really excited to get the new site design out there that we decided to launch it now, and work through any bugs as we go.

Speaking of bugs, if you do happen to see anything that looks odd or wrong with the new design, please shoot us an email so I can look into the issue. I’d appreciate it!

So anyways, we hope you enjoy the new look!

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