Geek Home Decor: Otaku Room

Geek Home Decor: Otaku Room

The first post in our new series, Geek Home Decor, is ‘Otaku Room’, brought to you by Amanda, our new blogger. (~Lynn)

One of the things I would really love to do is redesign my room, get some new decorations, shelves and new furniture. Some of it for space saving, and so I can better display all my figures, plushies, posters, manga and all my other “otaku” stuff.


The main theme to my room is anime, and I always want more of it! I’ve loved Sailor Moon ever since I was about 3 years old, so some of my room will focus on that. The bed will be decorated with a Sailor Moon throw blanket, a matching pillowcase, and on the bed will be a Sailor Moon throw pillow, and couple plushies of Sailor Moon and Luna. I would like to get a new bookshelf headboard that will display some of my favorite manga, and some figures. Another item needed for this area is a toy hammock for my plushies (mostly Pokemon, and others from different anime too), this would probably be hanging in the corner near my bed.

Sailor Moon Throw Pillow    Luna PlushSailor Moon Plush

A few more tie-ins with the Sailor Moon theme would be a wall scroll of the Senshi hung up on a wall near the bed, and a wall clock (shown at top of page) to be hung near the computer desk.

Sailor Moon Wall Scroll

Another thing that I love is video games, some of my favorites are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Devil May Cry. So of course this means I have to have them in my room as well. These would be around the computer & entertainment area. To start with there’s a Dante figure, a Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game fabric wall scroll, and a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie poster (near my computer desk). I found a revolving media tower that would save some space, and be able to store my Anime DVDs, CDs, and even my manga.

Devil May Cry Dante Artfx Statue Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Poster

Right now I’m using a drafting table, so I need an actual computer desk, and the one I found would save space, and have room for displaying some figures and manga! And I can’t forget to get some shelves for the wall, maybe something unique to display some figures. Would also need some neat looking storage cabinets. A couple of the figures I would love to get include Lady Sylvanas and Squall.

World of Warcraft Lady Sylvanas Windrunner Statue   Final Fantasy Squall Action Figue

For a place to relax and enjoy my manga I’m going to need a reading corner. I found a Sofa Sleeper in blue micro suede that would look great in my room, and I’ll add a side table next to it, with a table lamp on top. Will also need a throw pillow for the sleeper sofa, maybe a cute Miku Hatsune one!

Miku Hatsune Throw Pillow

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