Book Review: Lost in Time and Space

An unofficial guide to the uncharted journeys of Doctor Who

Book Review: Lost in Time and Space

We recently read Lost in Time and Space: An Unofficial Guide to the Uncharted Journeys of Doctor Who, by Matthew J. Elliot, with a foreword by Alan Barnes.

You may have noticed in the TV series, Doctor Who, the Doctor will often speak of events that we viewers have never seen. In this book Matthew Elliott puts together what is said by the Doctor, and when it was said in his time line. Which means we’re getting a look into which incarnation of the Doctor had that experience, and for me, that adds a lot of insight to the show.

I’m amazed, and impressed, with how much effort must have gone into putting this book together. It is insanely brilliant. I simply can’t recommend this book enough, it’s an entertaining, and enjoyable read.

If you’re a Whovian, then Lost in Time and Space is the perfect book for you! Know a Whovian? Make sure to get this as a gift for them!



Disclosure:  We received this copy from Hasslein Books for review. Opinions, as always, are are own.

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