James Bond is a Time Lord

Secret operative, 007, travels in time & space.

James Bond is a Time Lord

James Bond is a Time Lord. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. Take for example the fact that he regenerates. How else do you explain his long life, and always changing face?

Also, Time Lords all seem to be English, so is James Bond. They both started appearing on film around the early 60s, as far as I’m concerned that is suspicious. I think that’s when they took a strong interest in humans. If that’s not enough for you, then I submit this photographic evidence as proof.  Take a good look:

Rassilon – Time Lord

James Bond

The first picture is an image from a few years ago of Lord Rassilon, the bottom is an image of James Bond from the late 80s. Sure Rassilon aged a bit, but this is clearly the same person.

Now take into consideration that in the recent James Bond documentary (some people call it a movie), Skyfall, Bond said something about going “back in time”. See? TIME LORD! (or maybe he has a DeLorean)

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