Kerbal Space Program Review and Let’s Play Video

Little green men, in space! Also, explosions.

Kerbal Space Program Review and Let’s Play Video

So I recently started playing a little game called Kerbal Space Program, an indie game that recently was put up on Steam. I’d actually been hearing about it for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. Keep reading for my thoughts, and the first Let’s Play video for our Kerbal adventure.

What Kerbal Space Program is about is you, the player, are in control of the space program for this alien planet, Kerbin. You get to design the rockets, vehicles, and/or crazy death traps to attempt to get your little Kerbals into space.

Kerbals going crazy

Yeah…this should end well.

What you do in this game is your business. Want to go to the Mun (Kerbin’s moon)? Go for it! Set up a space station in orbit. Plan and launch a mission to one of the other planets in the Kerbin system!

There are different modules, rocket pieces, all kinds of units of equipment, almost so much it makes your head spin. But the fun of the game is really just playing around with all the different components, seeing what works, and what fails hilariously. Trust me, there are going to be lots of explosions.

I have to say, this game is really fun as a sandbox to just play around in. It’s currently in early stages of development, so there’s a lot of things that are going to be added as time goes on. Resource systems, things to actually find on the Mun and other planets, asteroids. I’m really excited for these features to be released. Even without that, it’s great fun to just play around in and see what kind of hilarious rocket will actually work.

And now, for our first Awkward Geeks “Let’s Play” type video. I’ve got one Kerbal stranded in orbit, and need to save him. Now go watch me try.

Check out Kerbal Space Program yourself:

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