Geek Fashion: The Doctor’s Girl

My 'companion' outfit.

Geek Fashion: The Doctor’s Girl

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be whisked away by ‘The Doctor‘, traveling through space & time, going on all kinds of adventures. Recently as I was thinking on the subject of being able to travel in the TARDIS it lead me to put together my “companion” outfit. Just cause.

There’s this shirt I found on ThinkGeek that I love, and want seriously bad. Why? Not only is it Doctor Who, but it’s one of few geeky shirts made for a girl that is actually ‘girly’ looking. It’s not just a baby-doll style, it also has a v-neck. It seems to be very low cut, so I may put a white tank top under it. Then I found a cute cargo skirt I want to go with it, and some over the knee socks.

something blue vneck ladies tee     6159MQ5nXBL._SL1001_doctor who over the knee socks


For shoes I was having trouble choosing between some lo-top trainers, or a pair of boots. Then I realized that if I was with the Doctor there would be a lot of running, and so I figured the trainers would be the smart choice (oh, and would need to put some TARDIS blue laces on them). I also want this awesome bracelet that I found on Etsy to go with the outfit.

lotop shoes    DW bracelet


Items in the header at the top of page: Gallifreyan Messenger Bag and Seal Of Rassilon Pendant.

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