Star Trek Into Darkness Review (spoiler free)

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Star Trek Into Darkness Review (spoiler free)

Last night we went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. The fans, of course, were out, which means there were Starfleet uniforms, and Trek shirts everywhere. Makes going to the movies so much more fun.

As I sit here trying to form my thoughts into something that makes sense, I can’t seem to figure out how to post without spoilers. It’s seriously hard, but here I go.

A few things are going down at the start of the movie; Kirk is in trouble, Spock’s life is in danger, oh, and Kirk ends up violating the prime directive. A lot. We are talking about Kirk after all.

There are shots of London, our villain is there causing havoc. But why? He’s a member of Starfleet, so what are his reasons?

I really don’t want to ruin anything, I want people to be able to go into the movie and enjoy it, be surprised by it, or even annoyed. So with that, I’ll just sum a few things up…

The banter between Kirk and Spock was fun to watch, there’s some nicely placed humor, as well as some tension throughout the film. There’s plenty of things a long time Trek fan will spot, and will more than likely geek out over. There’s also a lot of excitement and action, all these things make the movie quiet enjoyable.  Admittedly, even though we mostly enjoyed the movie, the story wasn’t the best, and there were moments we weren’t too crazy about, and there was one scene in particular that seemed way too cheesy. I actually cringed.

Putting aside any issues we may have had with the film, we do think it was worth seeing, and we did like it. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch was impressive, as we expected.

There are other things we would love to talk about, but…Spoilers! We decided we’re probably going to do a separate post with spoilers, it’s just unavoidable with how much we want to talk about.

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

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