April 2014 Loot Crate: Dragon (Review)

April 2014 Loot Crate: Dragon (Review)

This months loot crate theme was called Dragon, they revealed it would have an exclusive Elder Scrolls Online item, and a Game of Thrones item. So of course I was excited.

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This month’s box was smaller than normal, so the mini magazine didn’t quiet fit inside, but that’s OK because it wasn’t damaged.

Inside April’s Loot Crate:

april 2014 loot crate banner

Click the image to enlarge for more detail

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – I keep meaning to buy these, but for some reason never do. Sadly the figure I got (Joffrey) was one of the ones that I least wanted, but he’s still cute!

Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure – The Nord, he is so adorable! I think they said this is something that will be available in the future for anyone to purchase, but it is currently exclusive to this crate.

20 Sided Stress Dice – I’ve been meaning to get some sort of stress ball, so this is actually pretty neat to have.

20 Sided Polyhederal Dice – Every geek should have a D20. I will keep it on me at all times, so I can use it in case of emergency. It happens. Sometimes I’m just like, “If only I had a d20 on me, then I could totally work this out.”. True story.

Dragon Slayer Tag – Neat tag, has an image of a dragon, and marks crossed off showing how many dragons I have slain…Cause I’m a dragon slayer. Obviously.

Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner – I love this screen cleaner, it works well, and I also love the design that loot crate came up with.

Dragon Jerky – It was green, and I was almost afraid to eat it. The jerky actually wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t tough like most jerky.

magazine button

The value of the crate is usually around $30 – $40 (the box costs only $20 a month). Overall I do like this box, but it didn’t seem to reach the same value as past crates.

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