Back to Campus – The Geek Way

Back to Campus – The Geek Way

It’s that time of year, many students are gearing up to head back to school. Even though I’m not one of them, I have a habit of browsing some of the awesome things students might be taking with them.


If you’re a college student there is one important tool that you will need in your inventory, a bottle opener, like a Minecraft Pickaxe.

I love messenger bags, and Firefly, so it’s probably no surprise I’m suggesting this Blue Sun Messenger Bag.

Make finding your small accessories easy with a Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer, I keep wanting to get myself one. it would certainly come in handy for anyone, not just someone going back to school.

Dorm Room:

Keep your dorm geeky, as it should be.

This is probably one of the coolest looking mini fridges I’ve ever seen, it’s a Star Trek Borg Cube. You need it, you know you do.

Cozy up with a Game of Thrones Fleece Throw, I need one of these for relaxing this winter, as I read some manga.

Towels are useful, get many.

Bring caffeine; Bawls Guarana, Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints, etc.


If you are heading off to college, your mom will probably tell you take pack a lot of socks and underwear. So we’re here to give you some helpful suggestions, like the Star Trek Uniform Boxer Briefs, and the Wonder Woman Hipster Briefs. There are all kinds of awesomely geeky socks, Star Wars, Marvel, and Doctor Who, to name a few.

Grab some lounge pants, some great T-shirts, and you should be good to go.

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