Book Review: Risktaker by Kea Alwang

Book Two in the Based on a Dream series

Book Review: Risktaker by Kea Alwang

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Book One in the Based on a Dream series, Treehugger by Kea Alwang. She also sent us the second book in the series to review; Risktaker, a young adult science fiction fantasy. 


This takes place after the story in Treehugger, where we met Chloe/Star, her closest friends, her bullies, and a few other important people who have come into her life (making it either better, or worse). Star still has much to learn; coping with bullies in a new way, first love, and handling the bad stuff. In this installment we get to learn more about these characters, and we meet some new ones. Of course we also get to tag along on their adventures!

Chloe, aka Star, has just started high school, and is still trying to fit in with life on Earth. This time around she has an unlikely ally, “Rodent”, one of her former tormentors, who now finds himself an outcast as well.

This story digs deeper into the lives of the 3 young Jacondorian sentinels, who are all having terrifying nightmares involving the mission that went terribly wrong when they were just children. Although they are quite happy to find out they will be going on a mission to Criterion, a planet where they once spent time recovering from the trauma they faced at the hands of Kroter. Unfortunately things have changed there, will they be able to help their favorite planet in it’s time of need?

risktaker cover

My Thoughts:

Kea uses her vast imagination to create enthralling worlds, and entertaining characters. Which makes it very easy to get lost in the story, and completely forget about other things, like pesky real life stuff. You will find yourself simply wanting to stay in this wonderful story, that’s filled with conflict, excitement, action, romance, and humor.

I mentioned it in my review for Treehugger, but it’s worth mentioning again, this really is a great series for geek girls of any age. Teens, and young adults will be able to instantly relate, and more ‘mature’ geek girls (like myself) will be happily transported back to those feelings, and thoughts, of when we were teenagers. Kea craftily touches upon subjects geeks can fully understand, as she takes you away to an escapism type of world, with fantastic friends, and adventures.

If you’re not reading this series yet, what are you waiting for? Summon your Ethimarrow, and join me on Jacondor! Now go out and get yourself Treehugger (book 1) and Risktaker
(book 2).

Find Kea Alwang online:


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