Gen Con 2013: Top 5 Cosplay

Gen Con 2013: Top 5 Cosplay

We recently had a post featuring all the cosplayers that we managed to snap some pictures of during GenCon, but I wanted to do a post of my favorite five. This was seriously difficult to narrow down, because I love them all! (remember, this is just based on the ones we saw, and managed to get pics of)

5. Captain Jack Harkness
I adore Captain Jack, and this guy really fit the character. Plus, he had a banana!

GenCon 2013 Doctor Who cosplay

4. Firefly Group
I actually saw a lot of Firefly cosplayers (unfortunately didn’t always have the chance to get a pic), but my favorites were those in groups, and I loved these guys. Wash even had dinosaurs in his pockets!

GenCon 2013 Gen Con Firefly cosplay

3. Gandalf the Grey, Radagast the Brown, Saruman the White
I didn’t see much in the way of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit cosplay (other than 2 little boys who were Hobbits, and they were adorable), so this made me happy!

GenCon 2013 Lord of the Rings cosplay

2. Satele Shan
We loved her costume, she was even wearing colored contact lenses. Great Satele cosplay! I also think I overheard her saying she customized her lightsaber!

GenCon 2013 Star Wars Satele Shan cosplay

1. Lionel, Cheetara, Hellboy, Sally, Lara Croft
A bit of an eclectic group, and if I heard them correctly they said they were all family. Love it! I thought they were all great, but Hellboy and Sally were my favorites!

GenCon 2013 cosplay Hellboy Sally Thundercats Lara Croft

For more cosplay pics from Gen Con 2013 check out our other posts, one for Doctor Who (because they had a big get-together) and another post for everyone else (there’s some DW in there as well)! I think next year I will do daily cosplay posts.

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