DegustaBox is a monthly food subscription box that brings you 9-14 full sized snacks, boxed or canned food foods, and drinks. Most of the items are brand new foods that may not have heard of yet, some are imports.

Let’s take a look at what we got in the August box.

Pasta chips ($3.99 per bag) are seriously delicious! We had the rosemary chips with the hummustir ($3.99) and we just wolfed it all down. The hummustir is a great way to have freshly made hummus anytime and anywhere. All the ingredients come inside the container waiting for you to open them and stir them together. The meatball parm bowties were addictive!

Welch’s fruit rolls ($2.99) were quite good, they have a more natural flavor to them, and of course are fun to eat. Dole Fruit in Gel ($2.79) were another tasty treat. The Nature’s Bakery fig bar was a healthy delicious treat, great for on the go!

We enjoyed the Goya chocolate creme filled cookies (.89) with coffee and tea, they were pretty tasty! We used the Sunspire Sun Drops ($7.96), a natural alternative to m&ms to make some delicious cookies. The NuttZo pack was a sample gift in the box, a natural nut & chocolate spread, similar to Nutella.

We munched on the Perky Jerky ($2.99) during a game night, and it was so good! We ate the Goya Tostones ($1.29) with the NuttZo pack and they were perfect together!

The only thing we haven’t tried yet is the Sharwoods Korma Cooking Sauce ($3.99), but I hear good things, and can’t wait to try it!

Final Thoughts:

We have been getting DegustaBox for a few months now, and have not been disappointed. It is a great deal, it is valued at more than the monthly fee of $19.99 a month and there are so many wonderful and new treats to try!

We buy this with our own money, this is not something we get for review.