Indy PopCon Kickstarter

Indy PopCon Kickstarter

We’ve previously mentioned Indy PopCon, they’re a new geek pop culture convention coming to Indianapolis, IN in 2014. Now they have a kickstarter to help fund the awesomeness!

Update: They reached their goal! You can purchase tickets here: Link.

We wanted to do a quick post to get this out there, there’s still a lot of time left, and we would love to see them reach their goal of $12,000.

If you’re already planning on attending, then this is a great way to get your tickets. A pledge package of $45 gets you the 3 day admission, with exclusive Kickstarter “I made it happen” lanyard and badge. There are other otions too, one for two 3-day passes, VIP passes, etc.

Vendors and exhibitors can even purchase their spots through the kickstarter, with packages like the $400 one, which is a full booth in a premium corner location, and 2 exhibitor passes.

You could also just help out by donating lesser amounts, like $3, $10 (which gets you a kickstarter supporter bracelet), and $25 gets you an “I Made it Happen” T-shirt.

Head over and check out their kickstarter page, see what packages they have to offer, and help make Indy PopCons first year an amazing success!

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