New TV Time!

New TV Time!

Recently I had decided that my old 720p DLP was looking a bit long in the tooth, and started looking to replace it. Much time has been spent on, doing research reading opinions and such. I quickly took to Plasmas as a preferred display tech over LCD. I’ve always heard that Plasma has superior color accuracy and picture quality. While I understand that the top end LCD’s can match them, with my fairly dark living room, and limited funds I focused my search on to the Plasma side of things. I’ve also always tended to stick with Samsung for my displays, for one reason or another. I’ve never seemed to have an issue with them, so why mess with a good thing. Their Plasmas have also been getting good reviews and buzz lately.

In the end, the decision came down to two models, the PN59D550, and the PN51D7000, which were the same price. From what I could tell, the 7000 has the Samsung apps, and a Real Black Filter as the main differences over the 550. Apps is something I just don’t care about, I’ve got that functionality from my PS3 and PC, so it just wasn’t worth it, plus I wanted that extra screen space on the 550. So I am now the proud owner of a 59″ Samsung Plasma.

So How Is It?

Honestly, I think I’m in love. I may never detach my bottom from the couch again. The picture is gorgeous, blacks look deep and colors just feel right. I’ve found that Movie mode is the best looking out of the box. I’m still very much in the break-in period, so I haven’t bothered calibrating anything for now.

The screen is very reflective. I knew this going in, and am planning on buying some blackout curtains soon for the windows in my living room. But consider where this is going and what your lighting is like if you’re thinking of picking one up.

Cinema Smooth

So I’ve only played with the Cinema Smooth option very briefly, but so far I’m not sure I can tell the difference. From what I understand, it mostly affects long slow panning shots, getting rid of jerky motions in stuff like that. I could be totally off base here though, feel free to correct me. I’ll play with it some more when I get time.


Well, I just can’t speak about the 3D, because I have no 3D glasses! At the time I purchased, there was no bundle of the Samsung 3D Starter Kit, and if you ask me, $500 is simply outrageous for 5 movies and 2 glasses. There’s just no way I’m gonna drop that much cash for that. So for the moment, I’m stuck without using the 3D features.


Again, haven’t been able to try out gaming yet. I’m slightly cautious about doing that this soon, for fear of Image Retention or even Burn-In while still this early in the break-in period. I know that these newer plasmas are much better about that, but still, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait a few days before busting out many games. What I plan to do is to hook up Rock Band, and use the lag calibrator in that to determine how much gaming lag this display has, but I expect that number to be very low.

Sorry bout the poor image, camera phone in the dark is not the best.

In The End…

Overall I’m very happy with this purchase. It’s really a huge upgrade over the old DLP, and exactly what I was looking for. Obviously there are the higher end models for those that want a bit more, with the apps and the black filter and such. But this is going to keep me satisfied for quite a long time.

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