Pendragon Costumes at Gen Con 2013

Pendragon Costumes at Gen Con 2013

Pendragon Costumes is an online custom costume company that I’ve seen around for quite a few years now. They make a lot of Steampunk, Ren Faire, and Scifi costumes. Being who I am, I’ve always been particularly drawn to the Scifi costumes. They make quite a bit from the show Farscape, and I think they’re the best I’ve ever seen.

I got the chance at GenCon to check out the Pendragon Costumes booth and it was awesome. I met Matthew there and we chatted Dresden Files and Farscape (Matthew is working on an interesting project, we will have a separate post on that soon). Then I got to try on some of the Farscape costumes they make, and to say I was excited is an understatement. These costumes are all hand made and they look amazing! Because of that, they are a bit expensive, but considering the work that had to go into making these, I can understand why.

Ken in John Crichton's Peacekeeper costume

I was VERY excited to be wearing this. Very. Excited.

I’ve been wanting a Farscape costume for years, so I think I have to purchase one now. If you’re interested in their costumes, check out their booth (Booth #1823) at GenCon if you’re there or go to

Update: Yep, I bought the costume, exactly as shown in the photo above. The first time I tried it on I was so excited that I couldn’t really process how well it was fitting, but having worn it for a bit now, I got to say the jacket and vest both fit great. I’m so happy to own these now.

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