Review: Nerd Block – June 2014

Review: Nerd Block – June 2014

I love subscription boxes, especially when they’re geared around geeks & nerds. I’ve been wanting to check out Nerd Block for some time now, so we finally did!

I’m not sure what made me look into it for this month, all I knew was they would have a Doctor Who item from Titan (I suspected it would be a blind box figure, and was right), and that this months box would have 2 shirts. That was actually kind of risky for me. What if it turned out that I didn’t like either of the shirts?! OK, so there was probably a slim chance of that happening, because I like most nerdy things, but it could happen (hint: it didn’t happen).

nerdblock items 1

Who You Gonna Call? Tee – This shirt is awesome, love the design, and I was super excited when I saw it in the box! I still have fond memories of seeing Ghostbusters at the movies with my friends.

Doctor Who Vinyl Figure – Some months back I had bought a couple of boxes from this series, I ended up with the adipose, and a Dalek. I’ve been wanting the Tenth Doctor though, and now I have him!

The Iron Sentinel Tee – Love this X-Men/Iron Giant mashup shirt, it is perfect!

nerdblock items 2

Mario Kart Racers – How can you not love racers? Plus, MARIO KART! Now we need to get a couple more, one is just not enough.

Minecraft Sticker – I collect stickers, have ever since I was little, so I was quite happy getting this Minecraft sticker. I also like Minecraft, so that helps too.

Nerd Block Pin Art – These are those things you will often see at some store, play with it, kind of want to get it, but put it back. Well, at least that was what I always did. Here at the Awkward Geeks office we have not stopped playing with this silly thing.

Overall Nerd Block is a pretty good deal, with some great items. It ships out of Canada, so I think living in the states you pay more money for shipping. The box totals about $30 for US residents (including s/h), but the value of the box is definitely more than that.

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