Bloom: Memories

Bloom: Memories

One thing that has come out of Trumps ban on Trans people serving in the military, is finding out about some courageous trans soldiers who have been serving for years, and about other trans folks who deserve, and simply want to have the same rights as everyone else. These are stories way may never have otherwise heard. And in light of that ban, an indie game, Bloom: Memories has been brought to my attention.

First off, it looks beautiful. But it’s also created by Ivory Landers, who began her journey into transitioning during the time she started working on Bloom: Memories 5 years ago. With that this game brings us something new, something other creators have yet to bring us.

bloom memories 2

IIlana – The First Playable Trans Character

In Ivory Landers own words:

Along the way the characters and game began to reflect a lot of what I’d been through; and it became important for me to use this chance to try and reach people who didn’t know what to make of us (or, worse, who had decided already they “knew” what being trans is about).

That’s why I made Ilana (the first playable trans character in an RPG), and even took it a step further by letting the player meet her pre and post transition. Funny how an indie developer sitting in a small room can do what multi-million AAA companies can’t.. ..or won’t.

bloom memories 3

Bloom: Memories takes RPGs where they haven’t been before… for example, creatures that change how they behave based on their emotions or sense their surroundings with hearing, smelling, and sight. 

bloom memories 3

In about 2 weeks they will be releasing a free public demo on Steam Early Access! (This will eventually become a free 2 – 4 hour long prologue to the main game), and keep your eyes open for a kickstarter.

Support them on Patreon and watch the video recapping their journey.