Snack Review: Melon Bread

Snack Review: Melon Bread

I first tried melon bread, or melon pan, a few years ago. I became curious about it when I noticed it kept popping up in anime. This is a habit with me. I will watch something, keep seeing a food (that I’m not familiar with) being mentioned, or eaten, then I suddenly have to try it.

Shana really likes melon pan.

It doesn’t get it’s name based on the flavor, the name comes from it’s appearance. The bread itself seems a bit dry, and a little stiff, but it’s good. There is a layer on top of the bread that has a nice lemony flavor. It’s a nice light treat, which goes well with a warm cup of tea as an afternoon snack. It’s not the best bread out there, but it’s nice, and I really like it.

Melon Pan 2

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If you’re like me, and you’ve seen this bread popping up in anime and are curious, then definitely give it a try. They may have it at a local Asian grocery store, or you can check some places online that sell imported items. I got mine through Asian Food Grocer.

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