Snack Review: Hello Kitty Strawberry Chocolate Balls

Snack Review: Hello Kitty Strawberry Chocolate Balls

These treats come in a cute Hello Kitty decorated plastic container, with a top that easily pops open and closed.

For some reason the balls are 3 different colors, I had expected them to be red, and/or pink, but there’s orange ones in there as well.

They have a crunchy candy shell, and a chocolaty center. You can taste a bit of artificial strawberry in there, it’s not overpowering, so that’s good. I really liked them and would buy them again!

These would be good for your kids, or as a treat for anyone who loves, and collects, Hello Kitty. Personally, I love anything strawberry flavored, and think Hello Kitty stuff is cute.

When we got them they were on clearance for .25 cents from Asian Food Grocer (regular price was $1.99). I’ve also seen them at places like RocketFizz.

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