Snack Review: Meiji Galbo Mini Maccha

Green tea & chocolate flavored Japanese snacks!

Snack Review: Meiji Galbo Mini Maccha

This week is a Japanese snack review. I found something chocolate and green tea, and knew I had to try it. I’ve loved various versions of green tea kit kats, and other green tea flavored snacks and beverages, so it only makes sense that I try everything with the word ‘green tea’ or ‘maccha’ in it. Right?


Opening the bag I get a nice, light scent of green tea and chocolate. I don’t think this particular treat is very pretty to look at, they kind of remind me of some big pill you don’t want to take, but have to for health reasons. I have no clue why I thought that when looking at them. I’m weird.

Meiji Galbo Mini Maccha

The inside tasted almost like a crunchy cocoa flavored cookie, I had assumed it was going to be the average milk chocolate filling, but I liked the cocoa cookie crunch, it was somehow satisfying. The green tea coating had a nice flavor, and the combination of the two was perfect. I really enjoyed these, and definitely want more. If you’re onto green tea flavored products you might want to pick some of these up. I found the Meiji Galbo Mini Maccha on Asian Food Grocer.

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