Music by Geeks for Geeks

Geek music playlist.

Music by Geeks for Geeks

We decided to put together a playlist of “geek” music, some parodies, some original music. Only problem, we’re having some trouble adding to it, so it’s kind of lacking.

Geek Music:

Originally I was going to put together a playlist consisting of music from some of our favorite TV shows, movies, & games, but somehow ended up doing this instead. ‘Music by geeks for geeks’.

The Screen Team:
Pokemon! Rock Party Parody
Donkey Kong Song
Game of Thrones
Moves Like Batman
Take a Nerdy Picture For Me
Avengers Assemble!

The Guild:
Game On
I’m the One That’s Cool
Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Not Literally:
Walk of Shame
We R Slytherins
Through Time

Big Blue Dress
Don’t Make Me Get My Main

Team Unicorn:
G33K & G4M3R Girls

Weird Al Yankovic:
The Saga Begins
White & Nerdy

I want to put together a ‘fun’ playlist for when I’m out walking the dog, and such. I don’t feel like I have enough of a variety on here, and I know I’m forgetting things. So any suggestions would be great!

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