Monopoly Natural 3-Dees Fruit Snacks Review

Don't pass go.

Monopoly Natural 3-Dees Fruit Snacks Review

Monopoly Natural 3-Dees Fruit Snacks, shaped like Monopoly Game pieces, flavored in orange, strawberry, apple and blueberry.

The package says they’re natural, made with real fruit, have no preservatives, or artificial ingredients. They’re gluten free, fat free, and also manufactured in a nut free facility.

When I first looked at them in the package I thought they seemed kind of ‘slippery’ looking. Once to took them out they seemed a bit jiggly, and I realized that they reminded me of a jello type snack. It has four flavors, but there seemed to be only three colors (yellow, red & orange), so I’m a bit confused. Though, honestly, it was hard to tell what the flavors were supposed to be as I was eating them.

They were fun to eat, the texture reminded me a little of jello, and even tasted a bit like it. I enjoyed these, and I usually can’t eat fruit snacks because they don’t agree with me health wise, but these ones did not leave me feeling ‘bad’ like other ones do.

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