Playstation 4 Announcement, without the PS4

Playstation 4 Announcement, without the PS4

So I just finished watching the announcement event live. There were some moments that really impressed me, and some moments where I was kinda just, meh. I suppose that’s to be expected though.

One game that piqued my interest was this Watchdogs title, it looks pretty interesting, though I know nothing about it really. But I’ll be interested to hear more later on.

Diablo 3 Chris Metzen Playstation 4 PS4Blizzard poked their heads out for a bit too, which was surprising and I got really really excited when they did. Chris Metzen came on stage, my twitter feed was exploding with all the surprise. And then they announced Diablo 3 for PS4 and PS3, and all excitement just evaporated. I was hoping for more from that for sure.

With Gaikai, and integrating that company into the PS4, there’s some interestingness going on there. Streaming PS4 games to a PlayStation Vita sounds really neat, though we don’t have a Vita or plans to buy one at the moment, and apparently that’s more of a long term goal. Instantly being able to play a new game as you download really kicks ass. We all know download times are annoying.

What surprises me, is that we didn’t actually see a Playstation 4. We saw gameplay, we saw marketing hype. We saw no hardware. I mean, I get it, they gotta have something for E3. And for all we know the box design isn’t even finalized yet. But come on, give us something here! It’s a product unveiling, without the product!

So all in all, I’m interested to hear more, but I can’t say I’m super excited or anything. We’ll see more as we get closer to Holiday 2013. I’m also just not much of a console player anyways. I prefer my games on the PC, when I can get them there.

The Verge Playstation 4 Announcement

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