This Week in Geek: PS4 or XBox One

Which game console will you get?

This Week in Geek: PS4 or XBox One

This week in geek brings us some new movie trailers, and of course E3, with all the Sony and Microsoft game console news, and other stuff we barely paid attention to.


E3 was this week, and in our opinion Sony totally showed up Microsoft. The PS4 is the system we’re most looking forward to, Which one are you planning on getting? Ken took a look at a few of the games coming out for the XBox One and the PS4.

Sony also gave us this amusing instructional video about how to share used games on the PS4…


A teaser trailer was released for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

And because the movie is in theaters today, here’s a recent trailer for Man of Steel

An official trailer was released for 300: Rise of an Empire

Internet Goodness:

We’re easily amused, and we love Patrick Stewart, so it made us giggle when he posted this pic on twitter…



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