Didn’t You See Daredevil?

Didn’t You See Daredevil?

Since the announcement that Ben Affleck will be Batman in the next Man of Steel movie, this question just keeps getting asked to anyone who dares to have the unpopular opinion of thinking we should give Affleck a chance.

Question: “OMG! Didn’t you see Daredevil?!?!”

My Answer: “Yes. Yes I have. Have you? Or are you just jumping on the nerd rage bandwagon?”

Is Daredevil the best movie? Well, no. I also don’t think it’s the worst, but my reasons for not liking it have nothing to do with Ben Affleck. I actually thought he was pretty good in it. Was it his best work as an actor? No, I do think he could have done better, but he is in no way the one who “ruined Daredevil” (which seems to be a popular opinion). You know what ruined that movie? Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote the screenplay, and directed Daredevil. Clearly superhero movies are not his thing. I honestly think Affleck did the best he could with that script, and such a horrible director.

Putting that aside, even if you completely despise Daredevil, and think Affleck was horrible in it, you are entitled to your opinion. But why are you judging the guy on something that came out 10 years ago? He has more than proven himself since then. We all grow, and change over the years. If you did something bad one time in your life, would you want it held over your head many years later, especially after doing some pretty cool things since then? No? I didn’t think so.

There’s almost always nerd rage when an actor gets cast to play a superhero, or a villain, in any movie like this. But this is one of the worst that I think I’ve ever seen. The second worst was the rage over Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker. I remember being shocked at that time by the reactions, and there were some pretty horrible things being said back then. Yet, we all know Ledger turned out to be an amazing Joker.

I believe in giving actors a chance to prove themselves, instead of judging them on old projects, and making assumptions on something that I haven’t even seen yet. I assume they knew what they were doing when they cast him, much like when they cast Henry Cavill as Superman. I happen to feel Cavill makes an awesome Clark Kent/Kal-El, I also have faith in Zack Snyder. And, from what I understand, this wasn’t a rushed casting decision, they’ve been talking to him since the beginning of the year.

Also, keep something in mind…It’s just a movie. Calm the frell down.

I’m actually pretty excited to see what Affleck does with the roll, and I sincerely hope he kicks ass at it. Sure, he could be simply mediocre, but I honestly don’t think he will suck.


Don’t know who to credit this to, but it looks bad ass.

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