Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

There have been a few issues raised that I’ve seen floating around the internet concerning the casting of Wonder Woman in the next Man of Steel movie. So of course I decided to address a couple of them…

Is this Man of Steel, or The Justice League?

Some people are wondering why Wonder Woman is going to be in the Batman vs. Superman film. Which is, of course, the sequel to Man of Steel. My best guess is she will not have a major roll, instead it will be more of an introduction. Because, let’s face it, if all three of them have a major roll we’ll pretty much be watching a Justice League movie. I’m sure this is all just part of a lead in to that, and possibly an actual Wonder Woman film. For me this is a non issue, mainly because at this time we don’t exactly know much about where they plan on going with this movie.

Wrong body type for an Amazon.

As far as Gal Gadot goes, I’m not familiar with her work, so I went to IMDb, and also googled images of her. I admit, I am one of those people thinking, “Isn’t she a little thin to be an Amazon Warrior?”. She’s lovely, and seems to look pretty fit, but I just think that physically she isn’t the image of Wonder Woman. I had the same reaction when I heard that Tom Hiddleston had originally tried out for the part of Thor. I love him, but I simply can’t picture him as Thor, his physical build just doesn’t look right for that part.

It’s possible she could train, and ‘bulk up’ for the roll, I have also heard she plays a bad ass well. I’m honestly not trying to judge her ability to play the roll simply on how she looks. I just expected someone who fit a certain image, someone who would probably look more like Lucy Lawless (Xena), or Sarah Lancaster (Ellie on Chuck).

For the record, this is a perfectly legitimate reaction to have. Some people want to claim it’s body shamming, or picking on the actress. It’s not. People of the internet, you are over reacting. I know, that’s a shock, with this being the internet and all. But seriously, please stop.

Final Thoughts:

I’m not upset by the choice, because the casting of a movie isn’t the end of the world to me, and I usually try to not judge something before seeing the finished result. BUT I have a right to my initial opinion that she doesn’t look physically right for the roll…Without people accusing me of body shaming, or hating on the actress. I am not doing those things. Also, I’m fine with seeing how this turns out, and I hope she makes a great Wonder Woman.

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