Doctor Who Screening: The Time Warrior

Doctor Who Screening: The Time Warrior

It’s March, which means we’re on to the third incarnation of The Doctor, Jon Pertwee. In this adventure we get to meet Sarah Jane Smith for the first time! I still miss Liz Sladen, she is my all time favorite companion.

This story is the first time we meet a Sontaran, a warrior named Linx. His ship crash lands in medieval England. After that he teams up with the evil knight Irongron, they both need something from the other. Irongron needs help taking over Edward of Wessex’s castle, and Linx needs help with his ship.

As Irongron plots to take over the castle, Linx travels forward in time, he can only make it to the 20th Century, where he starts to kidnap scientists. He brings them back to medieval England and mind controls them to help him make repairs to his ship.

Of course the Doctor figures out what is happening, and travels back in time, what he doesn’t know is that spunky reporter, Sarah Jane Smith snuck on board the TARDIS.

Eventually The Doctor and Sarah Jane cross paths, and team up, and of course defeat the Sontaran and Irongron.

It was a really fun, entertaining episode, and one I think every Whovian should check out.

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