Geek Health & Fitness: Apps

Making fitness geeky.

Geek Health & Fitness: Apps

Are you looking to get more active, and change your eating habits? I am, and I’ve been doing just that, with the help of apps.

When I moved from Massachusetts to Indiana my life changed drastically. Back home I lived where I had everything in walking distance, and a job that kept me moving. My eating habits were also better at the time. Once in Indiana I started working a job where I sat on my butt all the time, and I live in an area where nothing is in walking distance, my eating habits changed because I started to eat the way Ken did (lots of cheesy foods, bad carbs, and drinking soda). This all means I ended up gaining weight. Not cool.

Most of my attempts to change those bad habits failed, until I downloaded some handy apps. We’re all about our tech these days, and the great thing about some of these apps is most of them are similar to games, trying to get you to reach certain goals and such.

Another bad habit I had to break was eating junk food, and drinking soda, on those long gaming nights. So I started changing that, and wrote a post about it; Healthy Snacks for Gaming.

Apps to Check Out:

These apps are great for beginners, so if you’re not used to being active these will work for you. I tried to keep it to free apps, to save myself, and you, some money. Of course these are great for anyone, it’s not just about “geek” health & fitness, but I just have a habit of going about it in my own geeky way.

My Fitness Pal – It’s been great for helping me keep track of my calorie intake, and more. With the help of this app I pay close attention to what I eat, and it has certainly helped me in losing some weight. If you can, try to get some friends to sign up with you, that way you can encourage each other. I tend to think of this as a game where I have to reach a goal each day.

Map my Walk/Run/Ride – These are all popular apps, they don’t add any entertainment, but they help keep track of your efforts and such, and can be useful.

Virtual Walk – Just a nice little app to give you some goals, and things to look at, as you listen to your playlist.

Zombies, Run! – This is the only app I have on here that isn’t free, that said, it’s worth the $4 it costs. Interesting, addictive story, that makes you want to get out and move.

Ingress – This is actually a game, not a fitness app. But it works for fitness because it gets you out in the fresh air, and moving as you play. It’s perfect for geeks & gamers.

Those are the ones I’ve been using. Do you have any others I can check out, and add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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