Our Top TV Shows of 2013

Our Top TV Shows of 2013

There were a few TV shows we had been looking forward to this Fall season, but only a couple of them have stood out above the other new series.

It’s a short list, because some shows did not stand out as much as others, at least for us. If you follow us, then you probably have similar interests, and have already checked out these shows. If you haven’t seen them, then you’re missing out on some great TV.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Some people became disinterested in this series after they realized it wasn’t about superheroes, but instead, as the title clearly suggests, it’s about the AGENTS of SHIELD (or at least a certain group of them). This was not a series that was meant to focus on the superhero aspect of the Marvel universe, it’s about the regular, though well trained, smart, and bad-ass, people who go on various missions, or work behind the scenes.

Admittedly, it took a little longer than I would have liked for me to start caring about some of the characters. But even when I wasn’t feeling for the characters, I still enjoyed the stories. Overall, we have been loving Agents of SHIELD, and it’s definitely a new favorite for us.

Almost Human

When I heard about this show for some reason I was only mildly interested in it. Now that I have seen it, in my humble opinion, this is one of the best sci-fi series that I have watched in awhile. The fact that it’s on FOX, and is maybe not something that will stand out to some people, I worry for it’s future. I would really like to see this series survive.

Sleepy Hollow

I was looking forward to this, but honestly didn’t expect much from it. When I saw the first episode I knew right away that it was going to be a favorite. I love the characters, and want to learn more about them, and the myth they’re establishing in this series.

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